we will succeed through
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Our mission is to help your company or any kind of business that you do whether its small or big, we will succeed through Effective, Creative & Innovative ways.

The Co-operative Society package


   The Co-operative Society Software package offered by Terabyte Technologies is a core banking integrated one and only application available in market. It will provide you an immense number of facilities It will automate all the administration and transactions of Co-operative Society like Member registrations, FD, RD, Loans, interest calculations, EMI, Loans recovery module and mainly this application has integrated Accountancy Module with necessary reports. With the help of this software, administration body can keep an eye on transactions at a glance.

Online Examination Package


   Online Examination System with proper count down and generating report functionalities. The purpose of this project is to develop Online Examination System. The manual procedure used in educational institutions for conducting exam is time consuming and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exam to Online Web Based Examination System. There is no need to monitor while a person is taking the exam. All the instructions are displayed to the user before taking the test.

Billing Applications


   Our solutions are easy to use that provides invoicing, billing and customer management and does not require advanced accounting skills. We also look at additional features such as remote backup, templates, forms and inventory management, which are good extras to have if you need them. We help you to create a customized, professional look for your customer communications. No matter how small your business is, coming across as efficient, professional and organized is important, and this software can help you do that easily..

Access Control Systems


    Access Control Systems provide exclusive security by providing access only to authorized personnel to enter & leave the premises. These Access Control Solutions are based on Digital Keypads, Biometrics, Smartcards, Proximity Cards, RFID, Hand Punch etc. This enables deployment of a security system more reliable and dependable. Access Control Systems can be networked and integrated with a Building Management System as well as with a localized/ centralized command and control centers for them to be more efficient and effective.

Inventory Management System


   Terabyte’s Inventory Management system (IMS) is an integrated inventory management solution and it enables service fulfillment scenarios through a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle management of Goods, devices and vouchers. IMS is mainly responsible for managing the lifecycle of logical inventory and physical inventory Benefits • Integrated inventory management enables service fulfillment scenarios. • Comprehensive Goods management facilitates end-to-end lifecycle management. • Voucher management system enables all voucher processes seamlessly across physical and electronic vouchers.

Office Automation Systems


    Terabyte Technologies offers software solutions for Office automation that can handle all the office updates, tasks, functions, information transfer and sharing etc more effectively and professionally than before. Office automation systems help with these functions and ensure that aspects like raw data storage, managing electronic business data, electronic transfer of this information and more handled by the software. It collects, stores and oversees these aspects of a business effectively without any errors. Our software solutions for these requirements that are low cost, of high quality and easy to use.