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Data Digitization has revolutionized our lives, making information available with an ease. This process brings absolute amount of information and knowledge to us. Sri Sai Software Development & Services has specialized state-of-the-art systems and technologies in house to offer a service focused on data digitization, data entry etc. We accept data in all forms, be it scanned PDF format or any other type and can convert into any format the client chooses.

Our data digitization service offers you to safeguard your crucial documents, books, case studies, journals, magazines etc without any minor changes to their current state. We use highly efficient machines to digitize data. Machines used for digitization can turn the pages automatically and scan up to 2400 pages per hour! Surprisingly, these machines are gentler with fragile pages than the human hand could ever be. With data digitization, our corporate archives are preserved and shared. Digitization reduces storage space and provides a means to share the material with large groups of interested patrons or subscribers.

Digitization and scanning are not the same. While scanning essentially takes a picture of a document and makes it available on a disc for storage or for printing, digitization stores the information contained in a document, picture or a sound file and makes it available in any type format you choose. Digitization is the depiction of a document, an image or a signal by a set of its points, commonly called samples. Music is a signal that can be digitized and transferred to a CD, photographs and images can be digitized and presented on the internet and documents can be digitized and stored, too.

Another advantage of digitization is electronic search. Instead of scanning through tables of contents in a book or newspaper, you can do a quick electronic search and find what you are looking for in seconds. Imagine being able to instantly find a destination of a map or a certain sector of an architectural drawing.